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How to get started

Whether you’re a business owner or a resident, learn the steps on how you can participate in Best of Denton County

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Finalists will be announced and voting will open at noon on July 20, 2022 & will close at midnight on August 17, 2022.

The top 3 businesses with the most nominations in each category will be voted on by Denton County residents. You can only vote for each category one time, unlike in nominations where you are allowed to nominate multiple times. Once voting closes the votes are counted electronically and then the list of winners is delivered to our team. At this point we begin confirming all business names and locations as well as preparing our website to announce the winners of each category.

Winners will be announced August 26th at noon.

About Best Of Denton County

For nearly 20 years, we have showcased local businesses that demonstrate a combination of outstanding customer service, commitment to our community, professionalism, as well as having some traditional southern charm.

Unlike most “BEST OF” publications, the Best of Denton County is not a readers’ choice award where the publication itself picks its top three advertisers and then allows readers to vote for their favorites. OUR award allows residents from the county to nominate their favorite local businesses by voting online over the course of one month. After the nomination period is over, the three businesses with the most nominations for each category are then placed on the ballot for voting. From there, the community votes for their favorite. It is our unique selection process – and the competition that has been spurred from having so many great businesses to choose from in our vibrant area – that has made this award prestigious, coveted, and respected in our county.

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