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Important dates to remember for 2024:

JUN 5 – JUL 3

JUL 17 – AUG 14

AUG 28

How The Voting Process Works

Best of Denton County is an annual award that is entirely resident-nominated and voted on. With over 450 categories for businesses to compete in and over 2 million nominations made by community residents in 2023, we strive to give every business in Denton County the chance to be voted as the Best of Denton County and give the residents of Denton County a chance to voice their opinion.

For nearly two decades residents have relied on Best of Denton County as a source for finding quality, trustworthy local businesses. What sets us apart from other “best of” awards is that Best of Denton County allows residents to first decide on the nominees by nominating who they think should be in the top 3 in each of the 400 categories and then residents also decide on which business wins by voting for one of the top 3 nominated businesses in each category. Once the voting period is over and Denton county residents have chosen the winners, our team puts together the annual Best of Denton County magazine, which includes top 3 nominees and the winners of each category. The Best of Denton County magazine is distributed to homes all across Denton County every November.

The Best of Denton County awards and magazine is hosted annually by Murray Media Group.

Nomination Voting
Nominations will open at noon on JUN 5, 2024 & will close at 11:59 pm on JUL 3, 2024.

You can nominate as many businesses, in as many categories, as many times as you would like. Once nominations close, the nominations will be tallied for each business that was nominated in each category. We will verify that each business is eligible for the specific category/categories they were nominated in (i.e. ensure they offer that particular product or service) and also verify that the business is located in Denton county. After that the top 3 businesses with the most nominations in each category will be deemed a finalist and will move on to the voting portion of the competition.

Finalist Voting
Voting will open at noon on JUL 17, 2024 & will close at 12:01 am on AUG 14, 2024. Finalists will be announced AUG 28, 2024.

The top 3 businesses with the most nominations in each category will be voted on by Denton County residents. You can only vote for each category one time, unlike in nominations where you are allowed to nominate multiple times. Once voting closes the votes are counted electronically and then the list of winners is delivered to our team. At this point we begin confirming all business names and locations as well as preparing our website to announce the winners of each category.