Best of Denton County 2019

Frequently Asked Questions


  • When does nomination and voting start?

    Nominations takes place June 12 – July 10, 2019 and residents will be asked to vote on the top three nominees per business category July 24 – August 21, 2019.

  • How do nominations work?

    Residents from around Denton County are asked to nominate their favorite businesses right here on our website. There are over 400 categories to nominate in. All that is needed is a valid email address to vote.

  • How does voting work?

    When the nomination stage is over. The nominations are tallied and the top 3 from each category move on to the final voting stage where residents are asked to vote for “Best of Denton County”. Once voting ends the winners are announced a few short weeks afterwards.

  • Does my business need to be located within Denton County?

    Generally yes. If a resident has to travel to you, the business must be located within Denton County. If your business travels to the resident, then the business can be located outside of Denton County.

  • What’s Student’s Choice?

    The Student’s Choice Award gives the opportunity for students from Denton County to vote independently from their parents. There are several categories that do not apply to students who may live in apartments or dorms so there is a separate process that gives them an opportunity to make their voices heard.

  • How old is “Best of Denton County”?

    13 years and counting!

  • How do I get in the magazine?

    The Best of Denton County magazine is a yearly publication in which every winner is listed in the directory. It is a publication that is exclusive to the finalists and winners of “Best of Denton County” and delivered to over 40,000 of the most affluent homes in Denton County, plus additional copies are blanketed all over the county at high traffic locations such as waiting rooms, city and public offices, chambers and then sent out in many relocation packages.

  • How do I get on the website?

    All winners get a free listing on our website but you can always have yours link to your website. Winners and nominees also have the opportunity to advertise on the website. Just give us a call at 972.899.3637!

  • I won. How do I get my award?

    An exclusive cocktail party will be held for the winners where they will be formally presented with their award. If you miss the party we can always have it mailed or you can pick it up. Just give us a call at 972.899.3637!

  • Can I suggest a new category?

    There are over 400 categories to choose from, which sure is a lot! We try to limit the amount of categories listed so resident’s don’t get overwhelmed by the sheer number of categories they can vote for. However we always take suggestions for new categories. Just click here to submit your category suggestion.

  • My name is wrong. How do I fix it?

    Since business names are submitted by residents, typos do happen. To have your name corrected, fill out this form.

  • Where do I get the logo for being a winner/finalist?

    Click our advertising section in the menu above, from there you can access any of the graphics you’ll need.




The fine print: Winners are chosen by Denton County residents. The Editor, Publisher, owner and staff are not responsible for choosing winners nor do they participate in voting. Murray Media Group reserves the right to add or omit categories at any time during the nominations and voting process.

By voting, you are agreeing to correspondence from Murray Media Group, and/or Best of Denton County, via e-mail, phone, or other acceptable means. Don’t worry, we will never sell your information.